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Local author, Linda Rose D’Avanzo, has gathered an anthology of her modern fables and parables, written for use in stress reduction workshops, goal setting and personal growth seminars for children, adults, entrepreneurs and professionals in transition.

Photo of Linda D`Avanzo by William Urbin

Linda Rose “Yaa” D’Avanzo: Contemplative, Author, Missionary


Linda is an American of Italian and Central American decent. She has lived in the beautiful Hudson River Valley, in Northern and Southern Dutchess County, for over fifty years. Her work and travels have brought her to Colorado, Canada, Mexico and West Africa, where she worked to promote the personal growth and development of individuals and communities through education, formation and small business development.


Linda’s education is vast and varied. She has an agricultural and ecological background, growing up in the countryside on her family’s property in Stormville, NY, where she was surrounded by gardens and wetlands as well as the family greenhouse and nursery. Her love and fascination for nature blossomed when her father told her that a caterpillar she discovered would turn into a butterfly. She carried this interest into her adult life as she formally studied organic gardening, pest control, landscaping and greenhouse management at the Institute of Ecosystem Studies at Cary Arboretum in Millbrook where she worked in their greenhouse. An iconoclast amidst her peers, she always preferred the “Zen” approach to the “scientific” approach in the studies of nature and medicine.


Linda’s love of contemplation, also from her earliest days, has developed into a daily practice of contemplative prayer. Anyone who engages in deep prayer taps into an energy beyond their dreams. During her hours of meditation, Linda found the motivation and inspiration to make several missionary visits to Ghana, West Africa. There she put her professional photography skills and love for small business development to work for the promotion of cultural exchange, education for women and clergy, and service to those in need in developing areas. Spurred on by her mother’s love for cooking and hospitality, along with her background in ecology, agriculture and photography, she sought to connect the students at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY with the people of Ghana in order to teach canning, preserving and food related industry. She is currently assisting in the development of a new project for small scale animal farming. (Linda also has contact with work in Uganda, East Africa and the Sudan.)


We all attempt to make sense out of life while we develop as unique individuals in a changing world. Linda is no exception to this rule. To this end she has studied theology and peer counseling at the Institute of Religious Studies, the Spiritual Development Center of the Archdiocese of New York, and Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio; health, psychology, neuroscience, nutrition, aging, anger, stress and addictions through the Institute for Natural Resources; as well as Transformative Mediation. She holds twenty certificates in these areas, as well small business development through the NYS EAP Program; college credits in liberal arts and theology from Bennett, Marist, and the Institute of Ecosystem Studies. She has worked in sales, catering, youth ministry, and tourism, using her talents, skills and knowledge at home and abroad to pass on what she has learned and what she holds dear in the passage of time.


As one of many who lost her job in the current recession, it was Linda’s desire to revive the entrepreneurial spirit in herself and others; to restore hope and decrease stress, through her public speaking events, personal growth retreats and seminars. Following in the tradition of her grandmother, the “original” Linda D’Avanzo, she has also become a story teller and author of short stories, poems, manuscripts and screenplays. We hope you will come to enjoy these through Altimater.


Altimater is a member of the Orange County Chamber of Commerce (see www.orangeny.com), the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce (see www.hydeparkchamber.org) and a Friend of the Hyde Park Free Library (see www.hydeparklibrary.org.)

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